Industrial Paternosters

Effective management of material flows.

The starting point for an inventory is always the goods to be stored and the space available for storage. These two optimally combine create a warehouse that is efficient and safe.

Industrial paternosters

Tailored industrial paternoster saves both time and money. The paternoster can always be designed according to the goods to be stored, giving you the best storage solution for your needs. The designed paternoster can be utilized for the entire height of the space and thus minimizes the surface area for efficient use. The industrial paternoster enhances

  • Handling of goods
  • Stock control
  • Order

Streamlining production and enchanted safety improves overall productivity.

Paternoster for tires

Paternoster for the storage of vehicle tires are scaled to varying amounts of tires. Search Automation and ERP Integration ensure fast pick-ups and efficient ordering of tire storage.

Production pipeline automation

Automation of the production line reduces lead times, increases productivity and improves competitiveness.

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